Men's Ministry

Our Men's Ministry is for men of all ages. They get together the first Saturday of every month for breakfast, prayer, and a devotion.

Upcoming Activities:

Monthly Men's Breakfast:

Men of all ages are invited to the Men’s Ministry Breakfasts scheduled at 8:00am on Saturday, May 7, in the Fellowship Building. Afterwards, we will have a short devotional, followed by some table games. If you haven’t attended yet, please come join us.  

Breakfast Gathering at Omeletty's Restaurant

Tuesdays at 8:00am

Directions to Omeletty's

Men’s Huddle Noon Meeting at YMCA

All of our men are invited to attend a non-denominational meeting each Wednesday during May, from 12:10-12:50 pm. That includes a 20-minute speaker and a 20-minute break-out session at each table. Many of the speakers are local ministers or others who have an up-lifting personal testimony. A recent speaker was “IU BASKETBALL GREAT” Kent Benson, who shared stories about Bob Knight, as well as his experiences from high school athletics and the NBA.